In completion

Yesterday, I got the Field Medic title, a whole three months before it’s too late – woohoo! And a couple of others are within arm’s reach. So much satisfaction. And so much emptiness waiting on the other side…?

The Field Medic title was one annoying farm, I tell you. Killing and looting mobs for 3 hours in Suramar, only to get the same two first aid quests (that I had completed long before) up to 8 times each, but not the two I needed.

Then, in one single hour of farming the day after, I first got all kinds of wrong quests from start in both Azsuna and Val’sharah, but then the final ones for the achievements appeared. Weird.

But our lord RNGsus works in mysterious ways, right. And now I’m a Field Medic. Nice.

I’ve stubbornly done all the Darkmoon Faire dailies as well this month, including the two pet battles. Even if I still depend a little on luck in those, and on sticking to the goddamn routine, I seem to have found the winning teams.

For Jeremy Feasel:

  • Onyxian Whelpling
  • Soul of the Forge
  • Trigger

And for Christoph von Feasel:

  • Nexus Whelpling
  • Warbot
  • Iron Starlette

Because, I’m saving up for the Darkmoon Dirigible. One thousand Darkmoon Prize Tickets. And those pet battle quests give 5 and 10 tickets respectively. It’s been a pain to master the strategy, at least for someone like me who doesn’t really enjoy pet battles.

At least I learned early that the pet battle dailies are account wide, even if the rewards aren’t. All in all, the dailies give me 23 tickets a day, meaning 161 in one week, meaning that next month, I’ll get that zeppelin! Yay!

Oh and I finally got the Powermonger: Silver achievement. I swear, I have no idea how to pilot that damn thing… But seriously, to reach the goal within 25 tolls shouldn’t be that hard, should it? Well, it was. Even the Mako in Mass Effect is easier to drive, right.

Achievements aren’t achievements if there’s no pain involved though, which is why I thought it was fitting to finally get the Drown your Sorrows-achi too. Because you know. It included a trip to Vashj’ir. There’s no portal back from there. So make sure your hearthstone is not on cooldown when going there to buy that Greasy Whale Milk.

Oh and in two days, if I do the daily quests both of those days, that is, I’ll get my Venomhide Ravasaur. Which means, I’ll also get the Winterspring Frostsaber for my Alliance toons, the one I started farming ages ago on my… night elf druid, I think. Sweet.

So many things to be completed so soon. What on Azeroth am I supposed to do with all my time…?

*glances at Insane in the Membrane achievement, the Broken Shore fishing friends, the Invincible mount among other things*

Okay then, I got my hands full still.

But for now, I’ll go for a balloon ride before that event is over.


A long, strange trip for a Violet Proto-Drake

We did it, Salandria and I. The last three nails into the coffin – the PvP-achievements for Children’s Week – to finally complete the achievement What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been and recieve the Violet Proto-Drake.

It took it’s fair share of grinding, begging (thank you, all helpful friends!) and sheer luck (I’m looking at you, Warsong Gulch flag…), but now the drake is mine.

Pretty sure my orphan-matching transmog helped getting those last few achis.

Plate transmog, two-hand weapon. Head, shoulders, cloak: hidden, chest: Stoneskin Chestplate, shirt: Formal White Shirt, wrists: anything, hands: Gloves of Brawn, waist: Judgement Belt, legs: Lightsworn Greaves, feet: Ferocious Combatant’s Scaled Sabatons, main hand: Blood Knight Maul.

Noblegarden outfit 2018

There’s an outfit for every world event, right. So here’s my Swedish Easter inspired Noblegarden outfit for my protection paladin.

Head: Spring Circlet

Shoulders: Reinforced Sapphirium Shoulderguards

Cloak: Hidden

Chest: Spring Robes

Wrist: Lawbringer Bracers

Hands: Gauntlets of Annihilation

Waist: Lawbringer Belt

Legs: Doesn’t matter, they’re not visible

Feet: Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes

Main Hand: Talon Branch

Off Hand: Eye of the Ancient Spirit

Keep your ears to the head. Happy Noblegarden!

Blizzcon 2017

Blizzcon 2017 is over, and for the first time I had bought a virtual ticket to watch the streams. The best parts was the voice actor panels and the panels about design – effect animations, music, storytelling and other creative stuff.

I’m rarely hyped nowadays over anything, be it game releases or large events like this. I’m not sure if it’s because I struggle more with thinking ahead and imagine different scenarios these days than I used to (for various reasons), or if I simply learned the hard way that the more you hype, the more disappointed you will be. That I wasn’t very hyped over Blizzcon 2017 didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy what I saw though!

Voice actors!

When I visited Comic Con Stockholm earlier this fall, there was a voice actor panel with a couple of actors whose voices practically are parts of my childhood. Voice actors rarely get media attention like on screen actors, therefor I find it really interesting to listen to them and get an insight in what it’s like giving voice to animated moves and tv-series, and of course video games.

Video game voices mean a lot to me – if I don’t like the voice of the character I play, I may as well put the game away and never finish it (Deus Ex: Human Revolution*). Or if I completely fall in love with the voice of my character, it may lift my whole gaming experience above the general experience of the game itself (Mass Effect).

In the World of Warcraft-games, Lady Sylvanas and Lady Liadrin are two characters whose voices I really like, and to my delight the actors, Patty Mattson and Misty Lee, were at the panel called The Powerful Women of Warcraft. It’s just so cool to see how the actors look in real life, and to hear how much, or how little, their own voices sound compared to their characters.

Like the man behind Reinhardt in Overwatch, Darin De Paul. One of the people on stage mentioned him looking like an accountant, and another wondered where he kept that deep rumbling voice. And speaking of Reinhardt, they showed a really sweet animated short called Honor and Glory about my favorite crusader’s past. I got a little teary watching that, I must tell you.


It’s easy to sit at the computer thinking “they should really let my character keep his hair when wearing this helmet” or “can’t it just be like in SWTOR where you can get your whole armor set match with one click??” because, you know. It’s only about changing or adding a bit of code, right?

Only it’s not. Or rather, sometimes it is, but even 5 minute tasks can take forever to complete if you have a neverending list of them. And whereas I still think that some features, or lack thereof, simply is the result of nonexisting interest or effort to think one step ahead, there are of course technical issues that might make some things nearly impossible to implement.

On the various design panels, like effect animations or sound, it was fun to hear the creators talk about both technical and aesthetical choices and solutions. Like how healing spells need to look in a way that radiates friendliness and comfort, as opposed to damaging spells.

Which makes me wonder if there’s something not quite right with player spells compared to boss spells since I never can decide if that green circle on the floor is healing me or corrupting me… or if I should run away from the purply black swirls or if it’s my group’s warlock breaking the dps-meter.

…and many, many, other things

As for the Q&A-panels, I’m not that interested. “Are you ever going to fix X?” could be nice to know of course, but could as well be asked online. “When will we get Y?” and “Will there be Z at some point?” are questions that will undoubtfully be answered in time – then again, maybe people want something to hype about, or stop hoping of something they might not get anyway.

Personally I would probably ask general stuff about the thought process in making these games, thoughts on the genres today, what they would do different if they made World of Warcraft today, things like that.

Now that I write that, I realize I don’t know if people asked that or not, because I didn’t watch all of the Q&A-panels… The virtual ticket gives access to the streams a while longer though. Neat.

*I will give it a second chance. I will. Some day.

Thor the Hallowed

It’s Hallow’s End in Azeroth, and even if I’m not personally one to create costumes and dress up and go to parties irl (or in roleplay for that matter), I thought I’d at least give my pally that Thor cosplay he always dreamt of.

Not surprisingly, there are few items in World of Warcraft that looks even roughly like Thor’s gear in the comics or movies. For instance there’s almost no chestpieces in the right color with nipples, let alone six of them; also no leg nipples really.

But, with a little artistic freedom and imagination, I put together one comic set and one movie set that works satisfyingly.

Behold, Thor the Hallowed of Asgard. Currently on cross-realm business on Argus.

Transmog for Thor outfit

Transmog items for Thor – comic style:

Head: Fang-Deflecting Faceguard
Back: Ruby Drape of the Mysticant
Chest: Chestplate of the Glacial Crusader
Wrists: Tyrannical Gladiator’s Bracers of Meditation
Waist: Goldsteel Belt
Legs: Storm-Tempered Legplates
Feet: Templar Boots
Main hand: Venerable Mass of McGowan

Transmog items for Thor – movie style

Head: Fang-Deflecting Faceguard
Back: Ruby Drape of the Mysticant
Chest: Mac’Aree Lightseeker’s Chestpiece
Wrists: Mac’Aree Lightseeker’s Armguards
Waist: Crystal-Plated Greatbelt
Legs: Crystal-Plated Legplates
Feet: Enchanted Adamantite Boots
Main hand: Venerable Mass of McGowan

The Pandaria campaign is done!

To my own surprise, when making a video of the next quest chain in the Dominance Offensive Campaign, I got the achievement for the whole thing. The campaign is over. Just like that.

Anyway, it’s all on Youtube now. Except the very first two quests (achievement part called Domination Point) which is basically about unlocking the Domination Point area. But still! All thanks to mats farming and streaming skills practise.

Here’s the last part:

…now what am I supposed to make videos of?