Taaake meee uuup!

Revered with Legionfall and I AM FLYING IN BROKEN ISLES!

Can’t believe I’m still smiling like a sheep everytime I gain flying skills, alt or main, doesn’t matter, such a wonderful feeling…!

Oh uh, if you happen to get your hands on a Fel Rocket Takeoff*, uh… you probably should have a target. You know. Actually do what the description tells you to do. “Blast off with fel fire, then drop on top of the enemy”. Because otherwise you’ll just fly off kind of randomly and, uh… …die.

EDIT: It wasn’t a Fel Rocket Takeoff at all, it was a Fel Meteorite, that actually says loud and clear that it “Launches the user far into the distance as a fel meteor” and we all know what happens to those when they land, right.

Daglop, master

Daglop, the adorable little demon who thinks you’re his minion after you did a few quests for him in Azsuna, he just summoned me! And of course I did my magnificent master’s bidding and went off to slay Slartibartfast the Demoninator or whatevs-its-name-something-something at Broken Isle.

More megalomaniac imps on people’s shoulders, I say!

Daglop and his obedient minion, and said minion’s highly sceptical cat.

Dark cellars and yellow snow

There are stuff you shouldn’t do. Just should. Not. Do. Like heading into dark cellars. Or eating yellow snow.

Now, Geralt is a witcher. He’s fighting evil creatures and evil humans for a living, every aspect of it. He’s a video game character however, so it’s me who gets to decide what to fight and what to leave the fuck alone.

The duelist I encountered the other day, he had a skull on his portrait. Skull on the portrait means insta death, so I ran away. Geralt ran away. Bravely ran away, away. When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled, etc.

What he did not run away from was the dark cellar I/he found in a suspicious house. Personally I wouldn’t go into dark cellars without undarkening them first. I really wouldn’t. Geralt, however, is paid to go into dark cellars and do his witcher stuff. No running away this time.

It’s a dark, unlit, obscure cellar. What’s there to be afraid of?

But eating yellow snow, that’s something neither of us do. Paid or unpaid. Even the game doesn’t want us to eat yellow snow. Go into dark cellars by all means, but don’t eat yellow snow.

“When the time of the White Frost comes, do not eat the yellow snow” like I would eat yellow snow at all the other times??

In other news, I want a new hairstyle and a shave for Geralt but I can’t find the barber (or I haven’t unlocked them yet perhaps). Sad.

I accept barbers as payment. I want a stubble. Not beard. Stubble. And an undercut. Definately an undercut.

Noble bunny

So, it’s Noblegarden and I got all the achievements, but I had to get the new purple Noblegarden Bunny. Sorry, Legionfall. Eggs before demons.

Disappointed that the “brightly colored eggs” aren’t very brightly colored this year. Seems Blizzard fell for the dirty pastel trend. If that’s still a thing? A touch of the 20s. Art déco. Whatevs, I liked them better when they were brighter. I might get used to it in time for next year.

Anyway, to collect the 200 chocolates needed for the bunny took me an hour? After doing the initial quests. And now I’m kind of motion sick (or if it’s something else making me feel meh) but I got the bunny.

And a nice crop robe. And a pair of bunny ears. And an elegant dress. Think I’m good now.


Streamiiing Witcher 3

Practised my streaming skills, this time in Witcher 3.

Next time, I’ll raise the mic and lower the game sound… But! At least I had ‘archive’ checked this time, so the whole thing didn’t disappear after I stopped (I’m looking at you, Pavilion, with tears of regret in my eyes).

Oh and there’s 8 min before this, also archived on the Twitch-channel. Which is basically me trying to find my way out of the house I was currently in. Anyways.

https://player.twitch.tv/?video=v134876083&autoplay=falseTitta på livevideo från Mehazael på www.twitch.tv

Netherwing drake!

My Outland frenzy is paying off. Exalted with Mag’har (got nice goat mounts) and Netherwing (got nice drake mounts). Not yet neutral with Aldor (screw you not-nice venom sac lacking dreadfang widows) but maaaybe I’ll hit exalted with Ogri’la today (some nice gear? idk).

Brand new Razer Naga Chroma from Kjell&Co

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I got a new gaming mouse! Razer Naga Chroma, welcome to my armory. Eventually, we’ll have to settle this looping light color scheme, but for the moment, I’ll only enjoy your smooth movements and get to know your thumb grid.

My old Razer Naga MMO-mouse got new soles this Christmas. However, the left clicker has degenerated to the state it now requires a minor car press to operate, causing a painful muscle knot in my upper arm, so it simply had to be taken out of duty. I tried opening it to perhaps be able to clean it, but the screws are apparently put in by F1 mechanics, so that’s a no go.

I ordered this new beauty from Kjell & Co on February 28th, and it arrived March 2nd. Pretty quick, I dare say.

Upper left: Naga MMO to the left, Naga Chroma to the right. Lower left: Naga Chroma top, Naga MMO bottom.

It slightly broader than the old one, and not as curved on the upside. First I thought “oh noes what if it’s too big for my tiny size 6 hands” but it wasn’t that much difference really.However. The Naga MMO’s curving fits my hand better, especially the ringfinger holder. On the Chroma, I can’t reach the end of the clickers when I rest my palm comfortably on the curved part. I hope this less ergonomical design won’t cause unnecessary tension when I use it. Because if there’s something that kills your arms and hands at the computer, it’s those barely noticable millimeters you unconsciously compensate for.

On the whole though, I am a happy paladin again. I’ve been using my ancient SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO mouse this week (it’s from the Wrath of the Lich King era; the programmable button software stopped working after Cataclysm) and Thrall’s balls, how I missed the thumb grid. To be able to use number keybinds without having to get lost on the keyboard while trying to find them – prizeless.

I also love Razer design. The green. The snakes. Aah, them snakesss…!


Swedes, Danes and Finns can order Razer Naga Chroma from Kjell&Co.
Wherever you live, you can read more about the Razer Naga Chroma at Razerzone (no adlink).