Ads and adlinks make it possible for me as a blogger to earn money on my readers. However, you as a reader must always be able to tell when I post something that I am, or can be, compensated for. This is stated in Swedish law. So here’s a little guide.



On the sidebar, you can find commercial ads from the companies I’m an affiliate with. If you click on any of these ads and buy something from that company, I get a small provision. It should be obvious that these are ads. However, I marked the box with a headline saying “Ads“, just to be sure.



Adlinks are links in the text that leads to affiliate companies. The deal is the same as with the ads; you click the link, buy something, and I get provision for it. These posts will be marked with a banner on the top saying “Contains adlinks“.


Sponsored/promoted posts

It is yet to happen to me, but sometimes, bloggers are paid or otherwise compensated for writing about a certain company or product. This is also considered as a commercial ad. These posts will be marked with a banner on the top saying “This post is sponsored by [Company Name]“.


Note: If you see no banner, and there are still links to products or companies in the text, there is nothing commercial about it at all. Just me thinking it’s worth linking to.


Affiliate programs

I’m participating in various affiliate programs through the Swedish company Adtraction. On this site, you will se company ads in the sidebars, and on occasion adlinks to companies/products in my blog posts. If you click the link or the ad and makes a purchase, I get provision.

By using Adtraction, I also pay tax on the money I earn. Great, isn’t it?





My personal policy about commercial content

Aside from following the law when it comes to commercial content, I will never write anything about a product or a company that isn’t my own honest opinion. Provision or no provision.