And the pugs who saves the day!

Follow up on last post: A healer friend joined me in the next try on The Frost Lord Ahune, and what happens? I get friendly, useful advice! What is this I can’t even…?

The tank, bless you, you sweet, kind, sensitive person, whispered me that I could focus on the boss from start. I have been living in the delusion that the boss is invulnerable unless the core is exposed, but apparently warlocks can smite him anyway.

As a paladin tank, my job isn’t really to dps boss but to keep the mobs from dps-ing my group. One might argue that if I enter a dungeon as a warlock, MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE LOOKED UP HOW TO WARLOCK but hey, we’re all noobs from start, right? Also, this time, someone used their precious seconds to actually teach me something. Totally worth the while.

You, dear tank, are one of the reasons that make LFG better <3.


Bad pug, bad BAD pug

So. The Frost Lord Ahune is, if you’re on max level, a 5 minute dungeon tops. Usually, you get the boss down after first mob wave. Sometimes it takes another wave. Today I was kicked from it because instance leader apparently had issues with my low dps. Like. What the actual fuck.

I entered with my warlock, mainly to get the Burning Blossoms because I want shiny Midsummer Fire Festival stuff. Dps queue was slow as per usual, but I think I got in within 15 minutes.

Now, I’m not topping any dps-lists on that lock. Like, I’d be surprised if I managed half the healer’s dps. It doesn’t matter. The Frost Lord Ahune still is a 5 minute dungeon.

So when instance leader said “come one [sic] dps / what was that / attack the boss he is 10%” I felt kind of targetted. But I also knew that hey, one more wave and we’ll get this done, one or two more minutes. So I answer “Don’t hate”. Because seriously, you’re complaining on dps in a 5 minute dungeon that you could probably 3 man?

Then I found myself kicked out of the dungeon. Blocked from queueing for 30 minutes.

This is why I loathe pugs. Even in 5 minute dungeons, there’s always this one guy who believes the other players are there only to make his life easy and his dungeons quick and painless. So precious is his time, that he finds it justified to sacrifice some these seconds to, instead of giving useful advice (or just don’t give a single fuck, because the second wave is already on and the boss will be down in a couple of minutes anyway) tell the dps how bad they are and kick them from the group. When there’s literally nothing to gain on it.

People like you, instance leader, are one of the reasons I don’t pug unless I really have to. Or unless I can pug 5 minute dungeons on my main, the pala tank. Who could probably out-dps you anyway.

You may call me Highlord Timelord the Timewarden

The titles stack up. Today I finished the quest The Deaths of Chromie and got the transmog set Timewarden’s Plate.

Of course, I immediately transmogged my tank set into this bronze-ish recolored Sorrow Plate-transmog from the Cataclysm dungeons. To match the weapons, I used Mace of Acrid Death (from Blackwing Descent, same expansion), and – funnily – Chromie’s Mirror, since it was the shield in my transmog library that suited the color scheme and design best.

The other day I also got this toy, Champion’s Salute, that lets you strike a hero pose for a few minutes. So, behold Highlord Timelord the Timewarden! Bask in his glorious… uhm… uh, glory!

Pandaria campaign and voice changes

Here’s my latest adventure in Pandaria! Having a minor cold so my throat was kind of irritated but I didn’t choke out completely until after the quest was done.

Speaking (hah!) of throats. I checked some of my older videos, on my Youtube-channel, and well – things have happened voice-wise since I started testosterone treatment, that’s for sure.

See, I was born without testicles (got a set of ovaries instead), and didn’t quite understand I was supposed to have a pair until I was already grown up. In November last year, after getting the transgender diagnosis, I finally got to start testosterone treatment, and decided to use the gaming videos as some kind of documentation on voice changes first and most.

Here’s what I sounded like two months before testo:

I explained this in one of my first videos, and some random dude just HAD to barge in and comment “meh just a girl trying to be a boy nothing else”. I mean. He must have listened to what I was saying, or he wouldn’t know what gender I am. Still, he accused me of ‘pretending’.

If you read this, my dear Mr Dense, I urge you to check up on transgender to get a better understanding on what that is all about. Cheers.

After 3 months on testogel (which actually wasn’t raising testo levels enough for me; in March this year I switched to injections and the result so far you can hear in the first video), my voice had dropped a little bit.

I must say, I’m still not used to this new, darker voice coming out of my mouth when I speak, but damn, I’m happy to hear it. Even if it’s veeery unstable right now, and I have a span of approximately three and a half tones before it goes broken train whistle, but it’s getting more and more… mine.

The lighter voice I used to have – well it was nice, perhaps (I had to learn to appreciate it; an old class mate wanted me to become an audio book reader), but it wasn’t mine. Maybe it’s hard to understand (and I fear Mr Dense might not even want to understand), but that’s the best way I can explain it.

Soon I’ll get a better internet connection and then I’ll start streaming. Until then, I’ll keep croaking on Youtube.