And the pugs who saves the day!

Follow up on last post: A healer friend joined me in the next try on The Frost Lord Ahune, and what happens? I get friendly, useful advice! What is this I can’t even…?

The tank, bless you, you sweet, kind, sensitive person, whispered me that I could focus on the boss from start. I have been living in the delusion that the boss is invulnerable unless the core is exposed, but apparently warlocks can smite him anyway.

As a paladin tank, my job isn’t really to dps boss but to keep the mobs from dps-ing my group. One might argue that if I enter a dungeon as a warlock, MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE LOOKED UP HOW TO WARLOCK but hey, we’re all noobs from start, right? Also, this time, someone used their precious seconds to actually teach me something. Totally worth the while.

You, dear tank, are one of the reasons that make LFG better <3.



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