You may call me Highlord Timelord the Timewarden

The titles stack up. Today I finished the quest The Deaths of Chromie and got the transmog set Timewarden’s Plate.

Of course, I immediately transmogged my tank set into this bronze-ish recolored Sorrow Plate-transmog from the Cataclysm dungeons. To match the weapons, I used Mace of Acrid Death (from Blackwing Descent, same expansion), and – funnily – Chromie’s Mirror, since it was the shield in my transmog library that suited the color scheme and design best.

The other day I also got this toy, Champion’s Salute, that lets you strike a hero pose for a few minutes. So, behold Highlord Timelord the Timewarden! Bask in his glorious… uhm… uh, glory!



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