Pandaria campaign and voice changes

Here’s my latest adventure in Pandaria! Having a minor cold so my throat was kind of irritated but I didn’t choke out completely until after the quest was done.

Speaking (hah!) of throats. I checked some of my older videos, on my Youtube-channel, and well – things have happened voice-wise since I started testosterone treatment, that’s for sure.

See, I was born without testicles (got a set of ovaries instead), and didn’t quite understand I was supposed to have a pair until I was already grown up. In November last year, after getting the transgender diagnosis, I finally got to start testosterone treatment, and decided to use the gaming videos as some kind of documentation on voice changes first and most.

Here’s what I sounded like two months before testo:

I explained this in one of my first videos, and some random dude just HAD to barge in and comment “meh just a girl trying to be a boy nothing else”. I mean. He must have listened to what I was saying, or he wouldn’t know what gender I am. Still, he accused me of ‘pretending’.

If you read this, my dear Mr Dense, I urge you to check up on transgender to get a better understanding on what that is all about. Cheers.

After 3 months on testogel (which actually wasn’t raising testo levels enough for me; in March this year I switched to injections and the result so far you can hear in the first video), my voice had dropped a little bit.

I must say, I’m still not used to this new, darker voice coming out of my mouth when I speak, but damn, I’m happy to hear it. Even if it’s veeery unstable right now, and I have a span of approximately three and a half tones before it goes broken train whistle, but it’s getting more and more… mine.

The lighter voice I used to have – well it was nice, perhaps (I had to learn to appreciate it; an old class mate wanted me to become an audio book reader), but it wasn’t mine. Maybe it’s hard to understand (and I fear Mr Dense might not even want to understand), but that’s the best way I can explain it.

Soon I’ll get a better internet connection and then I’ll start streaming. Until then, I’ll keep croaking on Youtube.


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