Taaake meee uuup!

Revered with Legionfall and I AM FLYING IN BROKEN ISLES!

Can’t believe I’m still smiling like a sheep everytime I gain flying skills, alt or main, doesn’t matter, such a wonderful feeling…!

Oh uh, if you happen to get your hands on a Fel Rocket Takeoff*, uh… you probably should have a target. You know. Actually do what the description tells you to do. “Blast off with fel fire, then drop on top of the enemy”. Because otherwise you’ll just fly off kind of randomly and, uh… …die.

EDIT: It wasn’t a Fel Rocket Takeoff at all, it was a Fel Meteorite, that actually says loud and clear that it “Launches the user far into the distance as a fel meteor” and we all know what happens to those when they land, right.



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