Noble bunny

So, it’s Noblegarden and I got all the achievements, but I had to get the new purple Noblegarden Bunny. Sorry, Legionfall. Eggs before demons.

Disappointed that the “brightly colored eggs” aren’t very brightly colored this year. Seems Blizzard fell for the dirty pastel trend. If that’s still a thing? A touch of the 20s. Art déco. Whatevs, I liked them better when they were brighter. I might get used to it in time for next year.

Anyway, to collect the 200 chocolates needed for the bunny took me an hour? After doing the initial quests. And now I’m kind of motion sick (or if it’s something else making me feel meh) but I got the bunny.

And a nice crop robe. And a pair of bunny ears. And an elegant dress. Think I’m good now.




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