I’m Out!(land)

Occasionally, I get so passive-aggressively fed up with current content that I leave it completely for a while to do other things. Old content things. For instance, Outland.


In Shattrath, a blacksmithing quest was waiting for me. First I thought it was one of these quests that resets every new expansion. Like the paladin class quest for the hideous Headguard of the Order and the Blood Knight tabard, that I accepted, went to Shadowfang Keep as usual to finish it, realized after dungeon was done that quest text actually said Blackrock Depths, and eventually had to destroy the tabard I already had to be able to finish the quest.

But, the Outland blacksmithing quest involved killing level 110 monsters in Terokkar Forest, Nagrand and Blade’s Edge Mountains, and gave me a bunch of plans I didn’t have!


Ogra di, ogra da, Ogri’la

I also realized I am not exalted with Ogri’la. How can that be, I thought. Then realized there’s only one (1) daily with them each day. And one of those dailies is a glowing crystal sequence memory game. I hate memory games. I sit there with pen and paper to quickly write down the sequences, and when I finally think I got it, the crystal game mechanics adds these flaming circles that I have to avoid or the whole damn thing resets.

It’s the Kirin Tor, I tell you. It’s their plan to take over by slowly grinding player’s minds to dust with brain-tearing mind games 32 bit console style.

However, being up in Blade’s Edge mountain also meant I could do some old questchains I had forgotten about again. Or rather for the first time on this character. Because I got the zone questing achievement, so it can’t be resets. Did I tell you I hate memory games…?wowscrnshot_021317_204042

Need more spiders

My main has always been a Scryer. I wanted to hang out with the other blood elves. But, the squidfaces on Aldor has some neat blacksmithing plans. So now I’m killing dreadfang spiders to give Sha’nir at the infirmary their venom sacs, so she can put up a good word for me in the higher ranks.

Can’t believe I’m saying this but there are too few spiders in Terokkar Forest. This takes forever…!

What seems to have increased in numbers since I was farming mats for my Turbo-Charged Flying Machine, is khorium veins. I stumbled over two veins in two days this week. Two! I don’t think I found more than two the whole time I was actively looking for them. Hmpf.wowscrnshot_021717_215736

You can’t stay away forever!

Sadly, the Tuesday raiding is cancelled for good. Our beloved raidleader had to step down, the core was too small, and on the whole, it was hard to keep it up. Sad, because it was fun and relaxed.

I suppose that also contributed in me suddenly lacking interest in hunting artifact power.

Until I read that the new paladin mount to come, the Vengeful Charger, requires all traits unlocked on Ashbringer. The retri-weapon. I have 4 traits unlocked on Ashbringer and they’re all from relics.

I’m doomed.

But at least I looked cool in this mask during that quest in Blade’s Edge Mountains.




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