Emerald Nightmare cleaned up!

Since November I haven’t been raiding because I was occupied with other stuff at raiding nights, but tonight I finally could pick up tanking again. Emerald Nightmare, first boss on heroic mode (went smoothly), the rest of it on normal.wowscrnshot_011717_214441And I did good! Hell, I even got past the web-bridges at the spider boss. Then I had no clue what to do because I, uhm, usally lay dead down below at last phase. Not this time. I got to kill spidey too. And Xa…vier. Xarinus. Xerius. What the fuck. XAVIUS. Is his name.wowscrnshot_011717_214635Now, we all did good of course. Especially the others. It’s just that I always feel so clueless and I forget stuff and I take ages and many repeats to learn. But much thanks to the other tank, and of course the two raid leaders, it went smoothly. They told me what to do, I did it. Icy-Veins, by the way, takes credit as my Holy Pointer in this tanking business (while Wowhead is my Holy Encyclopedia).

All in all, the nightmare was purged in the end and the Emerald Dream turned back into it’s lush, flowery, shimmering old self. (And I battled a few of their Dream Whelplings and even captured one of them, but don’t tell the druids or they’ll decompose me.)wowscrnshot_011717_215755



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