New gliders! Mouse feet. Skates. Whatever it’s called.

I mean, there’s just sooo many names for these things. I’ll just use every word.

Anyhow, my old Razer Naga gaming mouse (older version of this baby) is still going strong after I don’t know, must be 4 years or something, but it’s soles had eventually been worn out to the point that I didn’t dare to use the mouse pad I got with the CE of World of Warcraft Legion.

Browsing the web for new ones, I found that Razer themselves has some one-model-fits-all mouse feet in their store. But, when I looked closer to home, I found Corepad skates at Max Gaming, especially cut for the Razer Naga.

Murphy’s law kicked in when I eventually took time to apply the new skates. That very afternoon, the left clicker started to misbehave, reacting weirdly, not reacting at all, or doubleclicking even if I didn’t and stuff like that. After a short Youtube consulting, I tried to blow it clean from the outside, but it didn’t help much. Then I tried to open it to see if something was broken or needed cleaning, but the screws must have been tightened by F1 mechanics, because I couldn’t move them a micrometer.

So I guess I have to save up for a new mouse after all. But! I got the new skates on, and now I can finally use my Legion mouse pad, and my beloved gaming mouse doesn’t get vacuum stuck or scratch the pad. Yay!

PS/ Max Gaming put a Banana Skid in my order, how nice isn’t that!




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