Happy Winter Veil!

It’s Winter Veil, and once you read the true story about Winter Veil, and know that it’s actually about ethics in video games (no, not really), THEN you can go to Orgrimmar and OPEN THE PRESENTS!wowscrnshot_122616_182751And eat candy canes. Through your faceguard.wowscrnshot_122616_183014 And don your Winter Veil Suit that you just got, and dress your Perky pug up as Metzen the Reindeer (name translates to Ugly Damn Dog because I really don’t like those dogs).wowscrnshot_122616_183205And finally swoosh off on your “reindeer“, your Endothermic Blaster ready to blast people with snow!

Happy Winter veil!wowscrnshot_122616_183405



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